Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Feel free to stop in for an application! We keep them on file for six months. We begin hiring for seasonal help In February with a March start date and periodically throughout the season depending on our needs.

Q: Are any discounts offered?

A: Landscape contractors may receive up to 20% off of plants and supplies and may pay for those at time of purchase or from monthly statements once paperwork has been completed and approved. Forms are available at the nursery. There is no additional discount on sale items and any discount waives the guarantee on plant material.

Q: What are your hours?

A: Hours change seasonally depending on weather conditions. During the Spring season we are open Monday through Saturday from 8am - 6pm and Sunday from Noon - 5pm. Any changes to hours or closings due to inclement weather will be posted on Facebook and our website.

Q: How much do water and how often?

A: Please refer to the watering instructions under Helpful Documents. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call.

Q: How do I plant my new tree/shrub correctly?

A: This information can be found under Helpful Documents as well..

Q: How do I control the deer?

A: First, become acquainted with their habits. Repellents, netting, tree guards and fencing are all options depending on the circumstances. Next, try to use deer-resistant plants whenever possible, keeping in mind that you will never hear us use the term deer-proof! More information can be found under Helpful Documents.

Q: How do I prune? When do I prune?

A: This is such an in-depth answer that it is probably best to send you to the following site.

Please refer to our Helpful Documents section for additional information. Other useful resources: are The Purdue Extension Office, the Office of State Chemist and Seed Commissioner, and USDA Hardiness Zone Map.